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Death of a LeafBlower



  1. Stunning ink work. Seems effortlessly beautiful, every line radiates a loving fanaticism for the craft. It forces the viewer to acknowledge the artist’s hand within the piece. The only problem with having such a high level of control over your drawings is making sure that the images don’t override the story.

    This story seems humorous, ending with a little joke–something to laugh at in a sort of sympathetic way. But, I wonder if this is all you were going for. I can see aspects of universality and ideas that could be commentary on the state of current society, but also embracing a wider historical context. The never-ending circle, history being doomed to repeat itself, etc.

    BTW- Al Columbia’s sketchbook (the real deal) is at Floating World Comics, as well as a display of his work. Apparently he is moving to Portland.

  2. Yeah, I was fortunate enough to be at the Q&A session they had with him on 1st Thursday. He certainly is the real deal.
    Indeed, somehow this piece gravitated towards a sympathetic, dark humor – as many of my comics tend to do. I would say though, that it is more than anything a venting on the current state of society, particularly anything that “leaf-blowing” signifies. I can think of no better symbol of rampant, pointless, waste than a leaf-blower. I would say my impetus for making this was simply to see those responsible held to account.

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