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Train Video

I’ve got nothing to say, and I am saying it,
and that is poetry as I need it.
-John Cage.


  1. Beautiful use of sound.

  2. Glad you noticed. It could probably more accurately classified as a sound piece with a video component. The sheer boredom of the visual, I think, brings the sound into greater relief. Perhaps boredom is not quite the right word…maybe interminableness.

  3. But the compositions that you make are so deliberate that it forces the viewer to at least consider the aesthetic choices that you made.

  4. […]Train and T[r]ain.(ted) both use sound, but in quiet and subtle ways. […]

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  1. By T[r]ain(ted) « Spk.Art. on 03 Nov 2007 at 11:39 pm

    […] all audio taken from M. Neucollins’ original. […]

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