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Summer Evening



  1. This is the most recent image in a series that I am currently working on. I posted it because one of the driving forces behind it is the re-interpretation of influences, which seems to line up with previous and ongoing discussions on Speaking of art…

  2. the house and porch look like an e.hopper painting.

    if you feel like it, meaning, if you are the type of artist that likes to explain yourself, tell me about the specific influences and re-interpretations of them.


  3. The porch is from an Edward Hopper painting entitled Summer Evening.

    More and more, I have found myself returning to Hopper’s work for inspiration. Particularly his figures–they seem to evoke an emotion that I have been striving for in my images. I’m interested in commenting on the stagnant nature of American society. The juxtaposition of differing elements (nature vs. industry, etc.), with neither of them winning out over the other. Instead of portraying any sort of struggle this combination portrays the exact opposite–a sort of blunted, isolated existence.

    Hopper’s figures act in a very similar manner. Even when two people occupy the same space physically, they never do mentally. They are never looking at each other, or the viewer. I find this solitude, even in the company of others, fascinating.

    The common thread is the lack of struggle, the apathy.

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