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One minute and thirty seconds out of your life…

rain video still



  1. Okay, maybe this is cheating to comment on my own post, but I didn’t want to interject my thinking on this before you watched the video. I personally prefer to experience artwork without prior commentary and create my own interpretation. So this comment is the technique I decided upon to extend the courtesy to you, dear viewer. And I won’t tell you “what it means” at this point. Assuming that you have watched the video before reading this post, you have already created its meaning.

    The original “Rain” video was completed a couple of years ago. I recently re-visited it and decided to re-cut it and tweak the sound a bit. So it’s a new look at old footage. When I shot the original I was trying to visually recreate a sense of whole-body restless distress that I was feeling about the political climate of the time. Watching it again, I realize that although nothing much has changed politically (…yet), the video seemed to be touching upon something a bit more universal.

  2. It’s quite calming, and beautiful. There is a sense of stability to it that is comforting, and the end seems very decisive which furthers the feeling of comfort. Comfort in that someone else is in control…which is, perhaps, the opposite of forward liberal movement.
    But it is more universal than any specific movement and can speak to a variety of different circumstances. I suppose it makes me mildly uncomfortable that I reacted to with feelings of calmness, in that it was made in a moment of political angst.

  3. After thinking about my reaction I offer this slight elaboration on my previous comment:

    Growing up, I loved when we drove in the rain. There was something endlessly fascinating about the rain hitting the windows. I would give the raindrops personalities–have them run races and smash into passionate embraces.

    Perhaps this, more than anything, is why I find the film comforting.


    watching it, I think that there is a sense of protection when you are in a car, when it is raining. It is also passive and non-resistant. You are simply waiting out the storm.

  4. I really like this piece. Visually, it’s nicely framed and I like the way the red leaks through the water droplets. I also like the way it teases at resolution, and acts on something in me that expects the motion to clear things up (even though it is continually failing to do so); only to have the message appear with a change of focus altogether.


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