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  1. An aside: when I had to write my essay for for my college application, it asked me ‘what is art.’ As an artist I have, like most artists, grown to loath that question mainly for how hypocritical and back-talking I can become discussing it. But I remember writing about an old tree and soap-suds (each their own separate examples) and talking about how by perceiving them as art, they became art.

    This is interesting only in that you seem to have come to a more mature realization of that paper–in that by recognizing beauty, an ‘aesthetic purity’, you are more likely to strive for a version of that in your own work. Which, I think you do–in your process of erasing your meticulously crafted image to generate random lines and marks–organic, aesthetic purity but made by your hand. Interesting combo.

  2. Thanks. Lately I’ve been fascinated by how time affects things. Rust, moss, damage are outward indicators that an object has moved chronometrically. And I’m obsessed, too, with the idea that phenomena lack a fixed essence. Understanding any phenomenon as something specific is only a perspective, a decision the perceiver has made to organize their sense data in a particular way (usually related to function). Discovering potential organic forms within the more linear structures I am capable of developing is what my art is about right now. Focusing on the noise instead of the signal because there is beauty within that possibility.

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